"Britain Has Not Voted Against Europe, But Against the Brussels Rent-Seeking Establishment Led by an Increasingly Autocratic Elite"

Hans-Werner Sinns Statement on the Brexit, June 24th, 2016

The fact that Great Britain is leaving the EU marks a turning point. The “ever closer union” has come to an end. Great Britain has not only turned away from Europe, but away from the Brussels-based rent-seeking establishment led by an increasingly autocratic elite.

Germany is the biggest loser from this decision because Britain’s exit makes the group of EU states in favour of free trade and market economy principles far smaller. Germany will now be voted down in many EU decisions that could have been prevented by a blocking minority of 35%. The fortress-like Europe now to be built will negatively impact German exports.

To prevent other countries from turning their back on Europe, the time has come to correct two major policy failures: the rules on how the euro works and on immigration into countries with generous welfare states. The euro and the principle of inclusion have failed in their present form. Far-reaching reforms are now needed to safeguard their survival.

Hans-Werner Sinn supports the petition for Exit of Brexit: A “New Deal“ with Great Britain and a better future for the EU

The undersigned are deeply concerned about the economic and political impact Brexit will have on Britain and the EU. We appeal to all responsible politicians, business people and citizens: Help us avoid Brexit and sign the petition.


Policy Contributions and Newspaper Articles

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