Der Euro: Von der Friedensidee zum Zankapfel (The Euro: From Peace Project to Bone of Contention)

Buchcover "Der Euro"
Hans-Werner Sinn

Hanser: Munich, October 2015, 480 pages. Revised and updated translation of The Euro Trap).

The euro was supposed to be more than just a currency from the very beginning: it embodies the desire for unity and peace in Europe. A good decade after its introduction, however, it is causing a deep rift right across Europe. In the South unemployment remains unbearably high and the economy has been brought to its knees. The North, on the other hand, has been forced into the role of paymaster and is being held hostage by the ECB. Dissatisfaction is growing on both sides as a result. We have embarked upon a political path that will endager our market economy, democracy and peace in Europe.

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"Der Euro: Von der Friedensidee zum Zankapfel"

by Hans-Werner Sinn

Publication date: 19 October 2015 

Hardback, 480 pages

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ISBN 978-3-446-44468-3


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