Systems Competition

In his book The New Systems Competition, based on the Yrjö-Jahnsson Lectures held in Helsinki in 1999, Sinn formulated the Selection Principle, whereby competition between states fundamentally cannot function because states manage the exceptions to the competition process. In one chapter he demonstrates that national systems of banking regulation erode in systems competition and lead banks to take excessive risks when doing business. His arguments triggered a controversy with liberal economists in the journal Finanzarchiv in which Sinn reinforced his calls for an international harmonisation and tightening of banking regulation.

Refereed scientific monographs

The New Systems Competition, Yrjö Jahnsson Lectures, Basil Blackwell: Oxford 2003, 228 pages. One hardback, one paperback edition. To Amazon.




Articles in refereed journals

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Academic comments

"Asymmetric Information, Bank Failures, and the Rationale for Harmonizing Banking Regulation. A Rejoinder on Comments of Ernst Baltensperger and Peter Spencer“, Finanzarchiv 59, 2003, pp. 340-346 (Download, 1.6 MB).

Policy Contributions in Journals and Academic Volumes

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