Editorship Scientific Journals

The International Economy (editorial advisory board since 2013)

Economic Policy (senior editor 1995 - 2015)

Finanzarchiv (associate editor 1993 - 2013; advisory editor since 2006)

CESifo Economic Studies (associate editor, since 2003)

De Economist (board member  1993 - 2011)

Journal of Economic Literature (associate editor 1998 - 2003)

Finnish Economic Papers (associate editor since 2002)

Journal of Public Economics (associate editor 1994 - 2002)

International Tax and Public Finance (associate editor 1994 - 1998)

European Economic Review (associate editor 1986 - 1993)

Editorship Books

Phelps, E. S., and H.-W. Sinn, eds., Perspectives on the Performance of the Continental Economies, MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass., 2011, 496 pages.

Cette, G., M. Fouquin and H.-W. Sinn, eds., Divergences in Productivity between Europe and the United States - Measuring and Explaining Productivity Gaps Between Developed Countries, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK; Northhampton, USA, 2007, 264 pages.

Chopra, A., J. Meier and H.-W. Sinn, eds., Sustainable Public Finance in Aging Societies, Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2007, 220 pages.

"Ifo Economic Policy" series with Edward Elgar, since 2006.

Köthenbürger, M., H.-W. Sinn and J. Whalley, eds., Privatization Experiences in the European Union, MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass., 2006, 424 pages.

Köthenbürger, M., H.-W. Sinn and M. Widgren, eds., European Monetary Integration, MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass., 2004, 200 pages.

Cnossen, S., and H.-W. Sinn, eds., Public Finance and Public Policy in the New Century, MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass., 2003, 535 pages.

Buchanan, J.M. and Musgrave, R.A., Public Finance and Public Choice - Two Contrasting Visions of the State, MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass., 2000, 272 pages.

Baltensperger, E., and H.-W. Sinn, eds., Exchange-rate Regimes and Currency Unions: Proceedings of a conference held by the Confederation of European Economic Associations, Frankfurt, Germany, St. Martin's Press: New York 1992 and Macmillan Press: London 1992, 296 pages.

Microeconomic Studies, Springer (senior editor, 1986 - 1993)

Munich Lectures, MIT Press, (since 1996)