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Podcast “The Economics of Target Balances” with Tim Gwynn Jones, December 8th, 2020, app. 45 minutes.



CNBC, Squawk Box, December 17th, 2021, app. 5 minutes.
"Climate Change", EEA-ESEM Congress 2021, August, 23rd, 2021.
The second edition of the Charlemagne Prize Europe Summit, November 13th, 2020.


The Jordan Times: How Global Food Crises Work

As if the immediate food shortages created by Russia’s war in Ukraine were not bad enough, the disruption to this year’s harvest means that the problem will become even more acute in the fall and winter.Read more

The Asset: Germany's Russian gas energy transition fiasco

In both the short and the long term, Germany will be unable to end Russian gas imports without triggering economic chaos, public outrage and opposition from many firms.Read more

Jordan Times: Green Nuclear Power

By allowing the European Central Bank to intervene directly and deeply in capital markets, the EU's approach to climate change is violating basic principles of sound economic policymaking. Read more

CNBC: "ECB's Lagarde is living in a different movie"

ECB’s Lagarde is living in a different movie, former Ifo president saysWatch the video

Project Syndicate: The End of Free Money

Surging inflation across the European Union should be a clear signal to policymakers and central bankers that the time to stop financing public-debt binges was yesterday.Read more

Project Syndicate: The Japan Times: A Post-Merkel Post-Mortem

However one regards the outgoing German chancellor's 16 years in office, her departure marks the end of a political era. But, ultimately, rather than trying to steer events and public opinion, she too often allowed herself to be carried by them.Read more

EEA: Climate Change

Europe is on its way to become climate neutral by 2050. Key policy tools now on the table are an extension of the emission trading system to transport and heating, border adjustments and large investment packages.Watch the video

Project Syndiacte/The Japan Times: Europe’s Green Unilateralism

The European Union’s unilateral climate strategy will transform Europe into a trade fortress, encourage green protectionism worldwide, and give other regions the opportunity to develop using cheaper energy. Read more

Project Syndicate: Germany’s Ineffective Green Unilateralism

Unilateralism May 20, 2021 Hans-Werner Sinn Climate change is a serious problem for humanity, but ambitious unilateral action by governments is self-defeating and will achieve little. Read more

Project Syndicate/The Guardian: Europe’s Special Inflation Risks

If the economy recovers and fiscal stimulus turbocharges pent-up demand, a lot of bank credit could suddenly emerge from central bank money.Read more

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