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Hans-Werner Sinn is President emeritus at the ifo Institute for Economic Research and Professor at the University of Munich. His main areas of research focus on the Euro system, the ECB’s monetary policy, climate and green energy. He previously conducted extensive research into regulation, insurance and risk, systems competition, and systems transformation. Sinn is the author of many specialist articles and books, several of which have become bestsellers.

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Hans-Werner Sinn’s latest book discusses the significance of target balances for the ECB to deal with major shocks, from the Lehman crisis up to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a regular contributor to Project Syndicate’s column, Hans-Werner Sinn sheds light on current economic affairs. His comments are published in newspapers across the globe. Read his latest article “Accounting for Casino Capitalism”.

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While humankind has to fight climate change, the economic and technical constraints are severe. This lecture by Hans-Werner Sinn held at the London School of economics gives an overview of some of the challenges and potential solutions.


The Japan Times: "Accounting for Casino Capitalism"

The spectacular collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) – the second-largest bank failure in US history – has evoked memories of the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, which sparked the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.Read more

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The world is in a permanent state of crisis. Former ifo president Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Werner Sinn on possible ways out.Read more

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The ECB denies that it bears any responsibility for the eurozone’s current inflation struggles, pointing the finger at COVID-19 and Vladimir Putin. But there is good reason to believe that the ECB contributed significantly to rising prices.Read on

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L'Echo: "Il n'est plus possible d'aider les gens sans alimenter l'inflation"

L'Allemagne se porte mal et risque d'entraîner ses partenaires dans son sillage. Les raisons sont multiples, notamment la pandémie et les prix élevés de l'énergie, mais pour l'économiste allemand Hans-Werner Sinn, les maux sont bien plus profonds que ça.Read more

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For many years, the European Central Bank was able to print money to purchase member states’ government debt without having to worry about causing high inflation.Read more

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As if the immediate food shortages created by Russia’s war in Ukraine were not bad enough, the disruption to this year’s harvest means that the problem will become even more acute in the fall and winter.Read more

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