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Germany is the sick man of Europe, Ifo Institute says

Hans-Werner Sinn, president emeritus of the Ifo institute, discusses the German economy and explains how the energy transition must be managed to support the country's manufacturing sector.Watch the video

COVID as a Natural Experiment for Climate Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a real-world experiment for assessing the mechanics of multilateral and unilateral climate policies. Read more

Lars P. Feld, Professor of Economics, University of Freiburg, Personal Advisor of German Minister of Finance Christian Lindner and former Head of the German Council of Economic Advisors:

"... in a now-famous Christmas Lecture in December 2020, Hans-Werner Sinn of the University of Munich warned that the eurozone’s highly expansionary fiscal and monetary policy mix would lead to a future of higher inflation." He was "visionary". Read the full article "Why Inflation Persists" by Lars P. Feld

The Japan Times: "Accounting for Casino Capitalism"

The spectacular collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) – the second-largest bank failure in US history – has evoked memories of the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, which sparked the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.Read more

Aby bylo jasno: Ruský plyn teče do Německa přes turecko

Euro úspory neochrání. Zelení berou globální oteplování jako náboženství. Musíme dělat reálpolitiku.Watch the video

The Jordan Times: Europe at Debt’s Door

The European Commission’s ongoing borrowing spree is economically irresponsible and clearly inflationary. Read more