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The EU's EV Greenwash

Recent EU emissions regulations are clearly designed to push diesel and other internal-combustion-engine automobiles out of the European market to make way for electric vehicles. But are EVs really as climate-friendly & effective as their promoters claim?Read on

"The ‘dinosaurs’ were right to point out QE’s negatives"

Op-Ed by Frank Westermann in the Financial Times on the "Memorandum on the ECB's monetary policy", issued by former central bankers Issing, Stark et al.Read more

Memorandum on the ECB’s Monetary Policy

Former French and German central bankers around Otmar Issing and Jürgen Stark confirm Hans-Werner Sinn's criticism of the symmetric inflation goal.Read the Memorandum

The ECB’s Beggar-thy-Trump Strategy

The ECB is pursuing an exchange-rate policy in all but name, thus putting Europe on a collision course with the Trump administration.Read more

The End of ECB Restraint

Outgoing European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has indicated that the bank is planning a new round of aggressive monetary stimulus. Such measures will most likely have negative economic consequences ...Read more

Energy Beyond Future – Can Business Save the World?

Green politics rise across western society, and so do scientific concerns on whether those energy policies are effective or not. While the world is captured in a dispute, one crucial question remains: Is there any way around a potential disaster?Read more

Central Bank Independence is no Protection against Abuse

Latest Contribution by Hans-Werner Sinn in "The International Economy"Read more

Germany’s Dangerously Flawed Energy Policies

Germany has made a noble effort to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and replace conventional energy sources with wind and solar power. But now it is time to face reality.Read more

Let the People Decide on Brexit

Given the narrow majority for leaving the European Union back then, and the impasse at which UK institutions find themselves now, holding a new referendum is both appropriate and necessary.Read more

The meaning of Brexit for Europe

Public Lecture by Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, Cambridge Judge Business SchoolWatch the video

Banking Regulation Does not Make Target Credits Safe

Target Debate: Clemens Fuest and Hans-Werner Sinn respond to Jan Krahnen's criticism. A guest commentaryRead more

From a No-Deal Brexit to a No Brexit Deal

By addressing Britain's longstanding concerns over intra-EU migration and its attendant costs, the EU could both set the stage for a reversal of Brexit and shore up its own long-term stability.Read more