Jumpstart. The Economic Unification of Germany

book cover "Jumpstart"
Gerlinde and Hans-Werner Sinn

MIT Press: Cambridge, Mass., and London 1992, 238 pages, with Gerlinde Sinn. (Revised translation of Kaltstart). Second English edition: MIT Press, 1993. Korean, French and Russian editions 1994. Chinese edition 2012.

The unification of Germany is one of the most wrenching and dramatic transitions in economic history. In Jumpstart, two well-known German economists synthesize a vast body of literature to present the first well-structured, clearly argued account of the reunification process and the policy alternatives. The Sinns discuss currency conversion, privatization and its ensuing problems, and wage policies. They propose a participation model that will speed economic recovery, and they recommend gradual changes in the price structure and rapid increases in wages - strategies that are offered as an “escape route” from the economic path Germany is now on.

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