The New Systems Competition

book cover "The News Systems Competition"
Hans-Werner Sinn

Yrjö Jahnsson Lectures, Basil Blackwell: Oxford 2003, 228 pages. One hardback, one paperback edition.

Competition between companies tends to be beneficial for the general public, but is this also true for competition between States in a world with global financial markets, low transport costs, and increasing migration? In this book, Hans-Werner Sinn provides a solid economic analysis of the competitive forces at work and addresses how we should organize competition between systems so they will enhance the efficiency of these systems, as opposed to acting destructively on them.


The New Systems Competition

Hans-Werner Sinn

ISBN: 978-0-631-21951-4


240 pages

January 2003, Wiley-Blackwell

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Yrjö Jahnsson Lectures January 1999 

Revised Version, January 2002

This book contains the material of the Yrjö Jahnsson Lectures which Hans-Werner Sinn presented in January 1999 in Helsinki.