Die Target-Falle (The Target Trap) - Testimonials

"Die Target-Falle" ("The Target Trap") by Hans-Werner Sinn

"Hans-Werner Sinn once again brilliantly manages to explain complex interactions in easily understandable terms to deliver an important message.”
(Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Otmar Issing, former ECB Chief Economist)

“Hans-Werner Sinn has written an exceptional book on the euro crisis – rich in substance and yet understandable for the layman. It is to be hoped that it not only will be read, but taken to heart by politicians.”
(Prof. Ernst Baltensperger, University of Bern)

“Hans-Werner Sinn is a master at presenting research findings understandably and yet accurately to a wider readership. An important book!”
(Prof. Dr. Stefan Homburg, University of Hanover)

"I was riveted. With this book, Sinn has finally written his masterpiece. It is so well written that even non-economists can easily understand it. It jolts you up without ever veering into hyperbole.”
(Prof. Dr. Friedrich Breyer, University of Konstanz)

“H.-W. Sinn offers an outstandingly clear overview of the perils posed by excessive sovereign debt and by the divergence in competitiveness across the EU. The steep increase in credits the southern countries have received from the ECB and the correspondingly endangered assets of the stable members are rightly emphasised.”
(Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c.mult. Peter Bernholz, University of Basel)

“Hans-Werner Sinn’s ‘Target Trap’ lays out starkly the fundamental weaknesses of the Eurosystem. It does not limit itself to pointing out the mistaken approach of the euro rescue policies, proposing new strategies to attain long-term stability for the currency union.”
(Prof. Dr. Helmut Schlesinger, former President of the German Bundesbank)

“Hans-Werner Sinn offers a clear, comprehensive analysis of the euro ‘rescues’. He shows how politicians get mired ever more deeply in the assumption of liabilities at taxpayers’ expense, although even now it is clear that a large portion of the credits granted will never be repaid. A gripping book for those who do not swallow blindly the political pronouncements but want to understand what is actually going on. A must-read for our political representatives, so that they understand what they are doing.”
(Prof. Dr. Manfred J.M. Neumann, University of Bonn)

"This great and important work lifts a veil from before the eyes."
(Prof. Dr. E. W. Streissler, University of Vienna)

“The great financial machine is still running, but Hans-Werner Sinn puts me in mind of an exacting, careful engineer who has detected a design flaw deep in its works that had been overlooked by everyone else. This is the book of this discovery and it is so thrilling and so full of disquieting detail that I read it in one sitting. “
(Frank Schirrmacher, Co-Editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) 

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