The Green Paradox - Theses on Climate Change

Lecture series with video documentation by Hans-Werner Sinn

We all see the need to slow down climate change and we are trying hard to reach this goal. But many measures are ineffective and in some cases even cause the opposite of their original intention. We are faced with a “green paradox”. This is the result of a comprehensive analysis of global environmental policies by the President of the Munich Ifo Institute, Hans-Werner Sinn.

His book, „Das grüne Paradoxon“ (The Green Paradox), touches on a sore point. Climate change is a new challenge for mankind. Sinn analyses the climate-policy measures in Germany, Europe and other regions of the world to examine the extent to which they are meeting this challenge. He does not question the goals of climate polices but shows that the instruments of these policies are ineffective and to a large extent counter-productive because they disregard important economic mechanisms. With this approach Sinn closes a gap between the scientific and societal discourse on the climate issue. In a series of six lectures, in German, Sinn presents his book and shows what we must do to ensure that climate policies are successful.

Lecture series:  November and December 2009
German TV: BR alpha January - April 2010

Moderator: Adrian Dunskus

Organizer: Bavarian Radio, BRalpha, Ifo Institute for Economic Research, Munich, University of Munich.

Venue: Ifo Institute for Economic Research, Poschingerstrasse 5, 81679 Munich, Ludwig Erhard Room

Link to lectures (German)