To keep or not keep the Euro


Panel discussion with George Alogoskoufis and Hans-Werner Sinn, Forum for Economic Dialogue, UBS Center Zurich, 17.11.2014.

George Alogoskoufis (Athens University, former Greek Finance Minister) and Hans-Werner Sinn (University of Munich), agreed at the 2014 Forum for Economic Dialogue that the Euro will survive. While Alogoskoufis is a strong defender of the Euro, Sinn said the Euro was a mistake. However, Sinn did not advocate dismantling the common currency. In the current model, he sees the temptation for countries to further increase debt, and warns, “You cannot grow by borrowing more.” He favors a model in which states can temporarily exit the Eurozone with an option to return. More details on the event

Prof. George Alogoskoufis, Athens University, and former Greek Finance Minister
Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, University of Munich (LMU), Ifo Institute
Moderator: Prof. Alberto Alesina, Harvard University

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