Verspielt nicht eure Zukunft! (Don't Gamble Away Your Future!)

Hans-Werner Sinn

Redline: Munich, 2013, 112 pages.

What needs to be done to secure prosperity for the future? This central questions forms the focus of Hans-Werner Sinn's book "Verspielt nicht eure Zukunft" ("Don't Forfeit Your Future"). In the book Sinn analyses basic economic issues with a special focus on the challenges facing Germany as a commercial location and makes concrete proposals for reforms to compensate for the lack of a long-term perspective that characterizes politics.

We are still doing comparatively well, but these are difficult times. What needs to be done to secure prosperity for future generations? Hans-Werner Sinn, Germany's most influential economist, explores this question by focusing on the really important aspects of the issue. He is deeply concerned by the inability and unwillingness of most politically elected representatives and opinion leaders to look at basic economic issues, face up to economic realities and translate them into the right policies.

Sinn explains these economic realities compactly and concretely. He also condemns the short-term approach adopted by politicians focused on re-election and retaining power and calls for greater political courage - not only in overcoming the euro crisis, but also in other fields of action in order to secure Germany's position as a commercial location, as well as its democratic institutions, its companies, employees and citizens. Sinn makes concrete proposals for reforms related to good economic policy, sustainable public finances, voting rights and the financial viability of party programs in an approach that contrasts starkly with the lack of a long-term perspective that characterizes politics. For the first time Sinn also offers insights into his personal ideals and the development of his thinking - as an academic, as a warning voice in the field of economic policy and as an individual. Hans-Werner Sinn's latest book is also the call of a passionate researcher and European for the general public to take note of economic facts and change policies. The new Sinn: up-close, controversial and concise.

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"Verspielt nicht eure Zukunft"

by Hans-Werner Sinn

Publication date: 8 May 2013

Paperback, 112 pages

Price: € 4,99  (in Germany)

ISBN 978-3-86881-486-6

Redline Verlag

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