Ökonomische Entscheidungen bei Ungewissheit

Hans-Werner Sinn

J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck): Tübingen 1980, 374 pages (dissertation, Second Edition Physica-Publishing House, Heidelberg 1989).

The main focus of this doctoral thesis by Hans-Werner Sinn lies on the symbiosis of expected utility theory and the axiomatic basis of the mean-variance analysis, the Principle of Insufficient Reason, the psychological foundation of risk preferences, and above all, the explanation of an excessive inclination to take risks thanks to limited liability and wealth at the expense of third parties. This theory later became a central element of the explanation for the behaviour of zombie banks. Ökonomische Entscheidungen bei Ungewissheit was published in English as Economic Decisions under Uncertainty by North Holland in 1983.