Working Papers

The Effective Rate of Interest on Target Balances, CESifo Working Paper Nr. 7878, September 2019; (Download, 214 KB).

„Pareto Optimality in the Extraction of Fossil Fuels and the Greenhouse Effect: A Note“CESifo Working Paper Nr. 2083, 2007; (Download, 279 KB), NBER Working Paper Nr. 13453, 2007.

„The Minimum Inflation Rate for Euroland“, (zusammen mit M. Reutter), CESifo Working Paper Nr. 377, 2000; (Download, 145 KB)NBER Working Paper Nr. 8085, 2001.

„Participation, Capitalization and Privatization, Report on Bolivia's Current Political Privatization Debate“, (zusammen mit Gerlinde Sinn), CESifo Working Paper Nr. 49, 1993; (Download, 3.5 MB).