Impressionen: International Scientific Symposium

International Scientific Symposium to Mark Hans-Werner Sinn’s Retirement and the 25th Anniversary of the Center for Economic Studies (CES), Friday, 22 January 2016, Große Aula, University of Munich.

Words of Welcome

Prof. BoadwayRobin Boadway, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Queen’s University,
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Ifo Institute

Prof. HuberBernd Huber, President of the University of Munich

Prof. RazinAssaf Razin, Professor of International Economics, Cornell University,
former Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Ifo Institute

Prof. HavemanRobert Haveman, Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs and Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
former Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Ifo Institute

Prof. van der PloegRick van der Ploeg, Professor of Economics, University of Oxford
Director of Public Sector Economics Area of CESifo research network

Scientific Laudation in Honour of Hans-Werner Sinn

Prof. KonradKai A. Konrad, Managing Director at the Max Planck Institute for
Tax Law and Public Finance and Honorary Professor, University of Munich

Not Against the Laws of Economics – Hans Werner Sinn as a Public Intellectual

Prof. WeidmannJens Weidmann, President of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Panel: The European Monetary Union: Deficits and Cures

Prof. Westermann Prof. JamesFrank Westermann, Professor of Economics, Osnabrueck University
Harold James (Panel Chair), Professor of History and International Affairs, Princeton University
Otmar Issing, Professor and President of Center for Financial Studies, University of Frankfurt
Henning Bohn, Professor of Economics, University of California at Santa Barbara

Panel: Public Finance and Public Debt: Current Challenges

Foto allAlan J. Auerbach, Robert D. Burch Professor of Economics and Law, University of California, Berkeley
Vito Tanzi, former IMF Director and former Professor of Economics, American University
Michael P. Devereux (Panel Chair), Professor of Business Taxation, University of Oxford
Barbara Wolfe, Professor of Economics, Population Health Sciences, and Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Joel B. Slemrod, Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, University of Michigan