Casino Capitalism (Korean version)

Translated into Korean by Hun Dae Lee, Ecopia, Korea, 2010

Professor Hun Dae Lee (Kyonggi University College of Economics and Business Administration, Republic of Korea) translated the book Casino Capitalism. How the Financial Crisis Came About and What Needs to be Done Now into Korean. It was published in autumn 2010 by Ecopia in Seoul.

In August 2010 the updated and revised English edition of Hans-Werner Sinn’s book Kasino-Kapitalismus. Wie es zur Finanzkrise kam, und was jetzt zu tun ist (Econ 2009, revised paperback edition by Ullstein 2010) was published by Oxford University Press. Hans-Werner Sinn explains how the financial system became a playground for gamblers and analyses the reasons for the crisis: the failure of the rating agencies, the regulators and the banks. He criticizes the economic stimulus programmes that have been implement and presents a master plan for the reform of the financial markets.